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Satellite Internet Service -- 5 Things You Need to Know About It

A little confused by the thought of your internet signal coming down from outer space?

You're not alone!

Satellite internet service can give your home or business a big technology boost.  Before you dismiss it in favor of a more "normal" service, there are 5 things you need to know:

1.  It's not just for rural areas anymore

Yes, satellite internet service was originally created to give people in rural areas a high-speed way to connect to the world wide web -- even though they didn't have access to any of the "normal" providers.  Today, though, many businesses have seen just how powerful this service is.  As a result, they have satellite dishes installed as a backup.  That way, if their "main" internet goes down, they can power up the dish and keep on working!

2.  It's got loads of uptime

Even though satellite internet service isn't considered to be one of the "normal" options, it will give you the same amount of uptime.  Specifically, a good satellite internet provider will guarantee that your service will be up and running 99% of the time.

As an added benefit, your satellite service won't fall victim to the same things that "normal" internet service does -- like downed wires and broken lines. 

3.  It doesn't come with any strings attached

If you were to take advantage of the great deals that cable and DSL providers offer, you'd likely have to sign up for phone and TV service, too.  In most cases, "just" signing up for internet service isn't going to qualify you for a good bargain!

That's not the case with satellite internet service, though.  These providers aren't out to make you bundle all of your telecom services.  They'll be happy to give you a good rate, even if you turn your phone and TV duties over to someone else. 

4.  It comes with less equipment than you think

Yes, your internet signal is being beamed down from outer space.  However, that doesn't mean you need a ton of equipment to do it.  In fact, all you need (on top of the modem that every other type of internet service requires) is a satellite dish that's installed right outside of your home or office.  For a professional, the installation is quick and easy, so you can take advantage of more speed in just a few minutes!

5.  It's perfect for lots of users

Got a bunch of people who all need to be logged onto their laptops and mobile devices?  No problem!  Satellite internet service is wireless, so you'll never be restricted by one wire going into one computer.


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